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Table 1 Practice of code of ethics-related questions in public hospitals of Central Gondar Zone Northwest, Ethiopia, 2021

From: Practice of code of ethics and associated factors among health professionals in Central Gondar Zone public hospitals, Northwest Ethiopia, 2021: a mixed-method study design

Variable Response category
How often you have interest in learning healthcare ethics? 5-Always
4-Very often
3-Some times
How often do you obtain informed consent from a patient before rendering a service?
How often do you think health professionals must serve hard to reach areas and underserved populations?
How often consent is required only for surgeries, not for tests and medicines?
How often children should never be treated without the consent of their parents?
How often health professionals should do their best irrespective of the Patient's opinion?
How often health professionals should refuse to treat a violent patient?
How often do you respect patient confidentiality, privacy, choices and dignity?
How often close relatives should always be told about a patient's condition?
How often ethical conduct is only important to avoid legal Action?
How often do you provide health service for your benefit that does not serve the needs of your Patient?
How often do you work with or give any professional support to other health professionals not licensed by appropriate organ?
How often do you render the same Level of care to your clients in overtime and regular Practice?
How often do you provide any preferential treatment to a client/patient by considering the relationship established with you in other health institution where you work?
How often do you use secret remedies to treat a patient?
How often do you use an apparatus or health technology or intervention which is proved upon investigation to be capable of fulfilling the claims made regarding it?
How often do you refuse on the ground of your personal belief to provide services such as contraceptives, legal abortion and blood transfusion?
How often do you sign and write your name on official documents relating to patient care such as laboratory and other diagnostic requests and results, prescriptions, certificates, patient records and other reports?
How often writing when it hasn't been done, is acceptable because it is important for documentation?
How often do you issue genuine and complete sick leave or certificate of illness?
How often do you prescribe medicine or formulations about which you do not know about its composition and pharmacological Action?
How often do you prescribe medicine not registered on the National Medicine List without compelling reason?
How often if a patient wishes to die, he or she should be assisted? in doing so no matter what their illness?
How often do you report impairment in other health professionals to the appropriate organization if you are aware of it?
How often do you report your impairment to the appropriate organ if you are aware of it?
How often do you report any unprofessional/unethical conduct of another health professional to the appropriate organ?