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Table 2 Ethical Issues Encountered in HIV Prevention Research due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Corresponding HPTN Guidance Points (GP)

From: HIV prevention research and COVID-19: putting ethics guidance to the test

Action/Circumstance Issues GP
Risk Mitigation Physical safety of study participants, research personnel, and community partners
Economic and social risks for study participants
Behavior Change Changes in risk behaviors influencing event rates
Changes in use of PrEP and other means of prevention
Compounding Vulnerability COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately effects populations many of which are similarly effected by HIV/AIDS
Adverse physical, psychosocial and economic effects
Responding to COVID-19 at the expense of other health concerns
Community Engagement Need to maintain community engagement during study interruptions and pauses
Challenges to community engagement
Trial Re-opening Potential risk of increasing COVID-19 transmission
Preserving scientific validity and social value of HIV prevention research
1, 5
Shifting Research Priorities Neglecting research on other diseases
Delay in identifying new effective strategies for reducing HIV acquisition in at-risk populations