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Table 1 Participant characteristics

From: Medical and midwifery students’ views on the use of conscientious objection in abortion care, following legal reform in Chile: a cross-sectional study

Age group
Type of degree being pursued
 Medicine-Planning to specialize in Obstetrics/Gynecology8626
 Medicine-Specialty undecided/unknown16449
Year in medical or midwifery school
 5th–7th/Just graduated7924
Born in Chile32698
Lived one year or more outside of Chile196
Region where completed high school
 Santiago metropolitan region25978
 Northern Chile247
 Southern Chile4714
 Other country3< 1
Single/not married32798
Political affiliation
 Right/center right8124
 Left/center left15848
Frequency of religious service attendance
 Once a week/2–3 times a month4213
 Once a month/2–3 times a year5015
 Hardly ever/never23772
University type