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Table 3 Opinions of participants about issues related to security, privacy and access to samples in the biobank (n = 259)

From: What Egyptians think. Knowledge, attitude, and opinions of Egyptian patients towards biobanking issues

Studied Variables N %
Samples donated for scientific research could be used for purposes inconsistent with the will of the donors.
 Agree 71 27.4
 Disagree 166 64.1
 I am not sure 22 8.5
Researchers must maintain the privacy and confidentiality of donor information during the course of scientific research.
 Yes 236 91.1
 No 9 3.5
 I am not sure 14 5.4
Samples donated to the biobank may be sent to persons or institution outside the country.
 Yes 84 32.4
 No 121 46.7
 I am not sure 54 20.8
Samples donated to the biobank can be shared with pharmaceutical companies.
 Yes 72 27.8
 No 118 45.6
 I am not sure 69 26.6
The police have the right to access the donated samples when necessary.
 Yes 186 71.8
 No 37 14.3
 I am not sure 36 13.9