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Table 5 Summarized replies on additional comments

From: A survey in Mexico about ethics dumping in clinical research

# Summarized replies
1. No [effective] participation of hospital directives in research committees
2. There is exploitation and harassment of vulnerable groups in companies due to the pressure to recover investments
3. Lax inclusion criteria that increase the likelihood of adverse events
4. Medical representatives use aggressive persuasion strategies
5. Research teams are paid less, patients receive less economic support for expenses and materials are of poorer quality than in HICs countries
6. Better laws for research units are needed
7. Improve regulations on post-trial information and treatment for patients
8. Authorities abuse their power
9. National registry of qualified researchers [to be started by the authorities]; presence of unqualified personnel; national registry of committee members
10. It is necessary funding of the research industry (CONACYT [National Science and Technology Council] funding is insufficient), under the guidance of health professionals.
11. Wages are lower, while the work is more difficult
12. Academic recognition for researchers
13. A handbook of research ethics procedures, regulations, social dimensions, etc. is necessary
14. Create high-performance research centers to attract investment
15. Need for quality medications at a fair price