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Table 3 Responses to Q25 on how greater benefits to Mexico in terms of clinical trials can be achieved. Answers were classified in broad categories (in italics) and are listed in decreasing order of frequency

From: A survey in Mexico about ethics dumping in clinical research

Broad categories Replies
Free ongoing treatment and benefits for participants (13 mentions): Free medication following trial conclusion (8), financial compensation for participants (2), travel and meal expenses (2), coverage for patient comorbidity (1)
Additional benefits for participants and communities (9 mentions): Continued healthcare services. (1) Sharing the profits obtained from studied products with the community. (1) Free medical support. (1) Medical education for participants. (1) Medical attention for other population groups (different from research populations). (1) Book donations for study centers. (1) Better training, wider circulation, qualified study centers, funding. (2) Increased interaction with communities. (1)
Laws and regulations (8 mentions): Improving laws and regulations (5). Increased supervision, surveillance (2). Economic sanctions for sponsors who commit ethics violations. (1)
Budget and management (8 mentions): Matching research and staff payments with their first-world counterparts (6). Greater economic resources and opportunities. Subsidies and donations for hospitals. (1) Better conditions for participants and researchers. (1)
Taxation (3) Taxes for trials. (3)