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Table 2 Neurologists’ perceptions about recontacting patients to inform about newly acquired genetic information

From: Exploring neurologists’ perspectives on the return of next generation sequencing results to their patients: a needed step in the development of guidelines

Should neurologists who use WGS have a responsibility to recontact and inform their patients of clinically significant newly discovered mutations that are linked to the neurological condition
 a. Yes (n = 118/158) 74.7
 b. No (n = 10/158) 6.3
 c. I don’t know (n = 30/158) 19
If yes for how long?
 a. as long as they are following the patient (n = 64/116) 55.2
 b. for an indefinite amount of time (n = 32/116) 27.6
 c. for a limited period of time (n = 5/116) 4.3
 d. I don’t know (n = 15/116) 12.9
Do you think that neurologists also have a responsibility to recontact and inform patients of clinically significant, newly discovered mutations that were not linked to their neurological condition
 a. Yes (n = 61/114) 53.5
 b. No (n = 30/114) 26.3
 c. I don’t know (n = 23/114) 20.2