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Table 1 Criteria and outcome categories of GuidelineWatch

From: Management of financial conflicts of interests in clinical practice guidelines in Germany: results from the public database GuidelineWatch

Criterion Outcome
1. Declaration and assessment of COI A No declaration statement
B Undetailed declaration (yes/no)
C Detailed declaration stating companies
D Detailed declaration and external evaluation of COI (as opposed to self-assessment of the relevance of COI)
2. Composition of the guideline group A Lack of declarations
B More than 50% with financial COI
C 25 to 50% with COI
D Less than 25% with COI
E All participants with full declarations and without COI
3. Independence of the coordinators and lead authors A Lack of declarations
B All coordinators/lead authors with COI
C Some of the coordinators/lead authors with COI
D All coordinators/lead authors with full declarations and without COI
4. Abstentions in participants with COI A No rule for abstentions
B Rule for abstentions, but no factual abstentions or voting results not documented
C Partial abstentions
D Fully documented abstentions of participants with COI
5. External public review A No external review
B External review on a publicly accessible website, not fully documented
C External review and documented handling of the individual comments