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Table 3 Recruitment through publications and ILAE website

From: The elusive ideal of inclusiveness: lessons from a worldwide survey of neurologists on the ethical issues raised by whole-genome sequencing

  Procedures Total of invitations sent
Corresponding authors in clinical neurological research • Pubmed search using ((neurolog*[Title]) AND clinic*[Title/Abstract]) AND patients[Title/Abstract], for the years 2012–2014, humans (excluding animals)
• 697 publications identified
• Identification of corresponding authors and email addresses
• Personalized invitations + 2 reminders sent from October 2014 to February 11 2015
581 (all continents represented)
Epileptologists registered on ILAE website • Identification of ILAE members
• Personalized invitations + 2 reminders sent from February 9th to March 19 2015
260 (all continents represented)
   TOTAL: 841