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Table 1 The conditions of validity of the brain criterion of death in the context of DBCDD

From: Donation after brain circulation determination of death

  Conditions of validity
1] The possibility of autoresuscitation has elapsed:
− no-touch period of 5 min in controlled DBCDD
− no-touch period of 10 min in uncontrolled DBCDD
2] No interventions that may resume brain circulation after the determination of death will be performed:
− no CPR - no ECMO, unless the brain circulation is proven to have been securely excluded
− no lung inflation
3] The diagnostic of cessation of brain circulation is certain using at least one test:
flat arterial line
− no arterial Doppler signal
− no opening of the aortic valve on echocardiography
4] There is a permanent and complete cessation of all brain functions:
− a minimal no-touch period of 5 min is required
5] There is consensus that the determination of death may be based on the permanent cessation of brain circulation and function
6] Informed consent for DBCDD has been obtained