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Table 2 Detailed information on ACP-conversations and participants

From: “I just think that we should be informed” a qualitative study of family involvement in advance care planning in nursing homes

Nursing home Conversation term Patient Relatives present Staff present Place and length Template for ACP questions?
A Admission conversation Woman, 91, stroke, aphasia, in wheelchair. Married. Daughter Physician, primary nurse, head nurse Duty room 30 minutes Yes
B Admission conversation Woman, 89, wheelchair, amputee leg, blind. Widow. Daughter Physician, nursing assistant, two nurses, head nurse Duty room 30 minutes Yes
C Preparatory conversation Routinely held when patient was diagnosed as dying. Woman, not present, 90, severe dementia, married. Husband, son, daughter. Physician, nurse Meeting room, 45 minutes Yes
D Bi- annual conversation Man, 80, stroke, wheelchair, married Wife Physician Patient’s room 25-30 minutes No
E Admission conversation Woman, 87, early dementia, seems healthy, single? Niece Physician, intern, primary nurse Living room, 50 minutes No
F Bi-annual conversation Woman, 88, stroke, aphasia, widow Son Physician, nurse, nurse student Living room, 30 minutes No
G No observation      
H Admission conversation Woman, 100, early dementia, severe hearing loss Daughter, son in law Physician, nurse, head nurse Patient’s room, 70 minutes Yes