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Table 5 Proportions of participants' use of digital technologies in healthcare (n = 40)

From: Using digital technologies to engage with medical research: views of myotonic dystrophy patients in Japan

  Number Percent
Have you ever used a computer or mobile terminal for collecting information about or answering questions about health or disease?
Yes, many times 20 50
Once or twice 8 20
Never 11 28
Would you be happy to use a computer or tablet to communicate with a doctor or search for the types of information you are interested in?
Yes 21 53
Yes, but it would depend on certain conditions 14 35
I would prefer not to 3 8
Definitely not 1 3
What do you think are the three most important features of a computer or tablet device that enables patients to engage with doctors or research?
Easy to view and enter information 11 28
Making the content easy to understand 14 35
Ability to use smartphone or tablet 3 8
Family members able to enter information on your behalf 6 15
Providing prompt responses to questions 7 18
Your information and privacy is well protected 18 45
Providing advice on how to treat both physical and mental symptoms 16 40
Making it useful for progress in medical research, diagnosing and treating patients 13 33