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Table 2 Reasons for ADs (n = 342)

From: Perspectives on advance directives in Japanese society: A population-based questionnaire survey

Questions Yes (%)
I want to undergo the treatment of my choice 231 (67.5)
There may be differences in opinions between family members 112 (32.7)
This issue has become a topic in the mass media 20 (5.8)
An acquaintance has spoken of this issue 8 (2.3)
I hope to not burden my family with end-of-life decisions 230 (67.3)
I want to make known my wishes regarding being a donor 92 (26.9)
I want to seriously consider my end-of-life decisions 98 (28.7)
I do not trust the current medical profession 26 (7.6)
I want to decide for myself 214 (62.6)
I am aware that I could possibly loose my decision making power as a result of becoming seriously ill or injured. 69 (20.2)
Others 29 (8.5)
  1. Above are obtained from those who chosen either "strongly agree" or "moderately agree" in question 3 (preference toward ADs). Data indicate the number of respondents who marked each item.