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Figure 1

From: Stakeholder views of ethical guidance regarding prevention and care in HIV vaccine trials

Figure 1

Recommendations ranked from top to bottom scores and dimensions ranked from top to bottom scores. This table shows the ethical recommendations in order from the most positive global rating (1) to the least positive global rating (20). Each ethical recommendation was rated by participants on “Ease of Implementing”, “Perceived Protection”, “Ease of Understanding”, “Familiarity with”, and “Agreement with”. For each ethical recommendation, we worked out the average score for each dimension. Since there were 20 statements that were each ranked on five dimensions, there were 100 scores in total. We ranked these in order from 1 (the highest scoring recommendation-dimension score) to 100 (the lowest scoring recommendation-dimension score). We used green shading to highlight the highest rankings, orange to represent the middle-rankings, and red to highlight the lowest rankings.

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