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Table 2 Colloquialisms* used in media and bioethics discourses that explicitly refer to the drug donepezil**

From: Generating genius: how an Alzheimer’s drug became considered a ‘cognitive enhancer’ for healthy individuals

  Media Bioethics
Cognitive/brain enhancement “the new ‘cognitive enhancers’”[37] “cognitive enhancement drugs”[38]
  “brain-enhancing drugs”[36] “enhancers of cognitive performance”[39]
  “brain-enhancing drugs”[35] “cognition enhancers”[40, 41]
  “mind-enhancing medicine”[37] “brain-enhancement drugs”[42]
   “neuroenhancement drugs”[43]
   “psychological enhancements”[44]
   “‘magic potions’ to enhance our ‘wisdom’”[45]
“Smarts” “so-called ‘smart drugs’”[46]  
  “so-called smart pills”[31]  
  “smart pill”[28] “smart drugs”[45]
  “the ‘older’ smart drugs”[33]  
  “the existing smart drugs”[33]  
  “cognition drugs”[47]  
Memory enhancement “memory-enhancing drugs”[48] “memory enhancing agents”[45]
  “memory-enhancing pills”[28]  
  “Alzheimer drug boost for healthy memory”[49]  
  “memory-enhancing medications”[50]  
Others “performance-enhancing drugs”[48] “currently available enhancers”[24]
  “the safety-enhancing drug”[37] “enhancements”[54]
  “these ‘fountain of youth’ drugs”[48]  
  “new brain boosters”[51]  
  “brain cosmetics”[52]  
  “a memory pill”[53]  
  1. *Terms are divided based on the type of effect implied (e.g., brain enhancement, memory enhancement).
  2. **Or group of drugs containing donepezil.