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Table 3 The MacArthur competency assessment tool[1]

From: Depression and decision-making capacity for treatment or research: a systematic review

1 A tool designed to help clinicians ‘obtain and organize information about patients’ decision-making abilities.’
2 Structured interview following fixed topics.
3 Flexible for use in ‘assessing patients with a wide range of illness, including psychiatric disorders.’
4 ‘Used to assess the degree to which patients are Understanding the information and recognizing (Appreciating) the relevance of the information for their own situation. MacCAT-T then guides clinicians to explore how patients are thinking … so as to arrive at a picture of their reasoning abilities.’ Additionally, it assesses the ability to express a choice.
5 The assessment maps onto a quantitative rating system that allows objective scoring of a patients abilities.
  1. The MacCAT only serves to identify deficits in decision-making capacity rather than to determine competence, although the former may influence the latter.