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Table 4 Examples of arguments for euthanasia in Dutch newspaper articles

From: News media coverage of euthanasia: a content analysis of Dutch national newspapers

Theme Example
Self-determination, patient right The Royal Dutch Medical Association thinks that "euthanasia is neither a right of the patient nor the duty of the physician”. This is wrong. euthanasia should be a patient's right. Yes, the desire to end life is subjective and therefore only the person him or herself can say whether it is the right thing. It is ridiculous that the government believes that we are too immature, too insignificant to make decisions about our lives ourselves. Shame. (letter, Trouw, 13-6-2009)
Contributes to a good and dignified death Of course it is very emotional. I think that I did not sleep at all, each night following a euthanasia case. But on the other hand, the serenity, the stateliness almost that nearly always emerges when there is complete acceptance of death, is also very beautiful. What I learned from this is that dying is not terrible. Saying goodbye: that's terrible. (Trouw, 9-1-2010)
Regulation enhances carefulness The Euthanasia Act, Anne-Mei The concludes, was passed in order to protect society against unwanted euthanasia practices. The benefit to the doctor is that he knows where he stands. (Trouw, 28-11-2009)
Solution for aging of the population/ scarcity of resources / medical costs If there are no taboos any more for possible financial cuts, give everyone from e.g. 80 or 85 years the right to euthanasia. The advantages are clear, the government needs to pay less old-age pension, the pension funds will for obvious reasons also be happy, and health insurers do not need to spend fortunes to aim for a final age of 120. I think there are many older people who would make use of this. It is possible that this would yield more than 4 billion per year. So let the state pension age just remain at 65. (letter, de Volkskrant, 19-09-2009)