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Table 5 Physicians’ experience to set of ethics domains (n = 58), 2021

From: Ethics knowledge, attitudes, and experiences of tertiary care pediatricians in Ethiopia

Practice question Extent of physician’s agreement with the practice
Agree/strongly agree
A mature minor’s wish must always be respected 28 (48.3%)
Medical error, if any has to be told to the patient 35 (60.4%)
Confidentiality is important 54 (93.1%)
Doctors’ should make the decision not the patient 6 (10.3%)
Consent only for surgery-not for tests and medications 1 (1.7%)
Close relatives should always be told about patient condition 6 (10.3%)
Children should never be treated without consent of parent 13 (22.4%)
Doctors should refuse to treat a violent patient 1 (1.7%)
Ethical conduct is only important to avoid legal action 6 (10.3%)