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Table 3 Attitudes related questions of healthcare professionals towards health care ethics in public hospitals in Central Gondar Zone, Northwest, Ethiopia, 2021

From: Practice of code of ethics and associated factors among health professionals in Central Gondar Zone public hospitals, Northwest Ethiopia, 2021: a mixed-method study design

Questions Response categories
The only way to avoid legal Action is to conduct yourself ethically 1. Strongly agree
2. Agree
3. Neutral
4. Disagree
5. Strongly disagree
Patient's wishes must always adhere
Health professionals should do what is best irrespective of the patient's option
The patient should always be told if something is wrong
Confidential information may only be disclosed if the patient gives explicit consent
In modern care, confidentiality is inapplicable and should be abandoned
Close relatives should always be informed of the patient's status
Patients need to consent only for operations but not for tests or medication
Always seek the consent of the child's parents before treating the child
Violence should not be tolerated in the treatment of patients by health professionals
It is correct to treat social clients first before other patients
Reporting co-worker misconduct is correct
Patients who refuse treatments due to beliefs should be instructed to find another health professionals
Health professionals should resolve conflicts with other health care providers