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Table 3 Prevalence of PP and extent of patient involvement

From: Patient participation in Dutch ethics support: practice, ideals, challenges and recommendations—a national survey

Direct patient contact
No 41 54.7%
Yes 34 45.3%
Case based ethics support
No 12 20.7%
Yes 46 79.3%
How often would the patient be directly involved in your ethics support intervention? (by means of active and direct participation or a direct conversation with the ethics support person)
Never 3 8.8%
Hardly ever (1–10%) 9 26.5%
Sometimes (10–40%) 14 41.2%
Most of the time (40–80%) 5 14.7%
Nearly always (80–99%) 1 2.9%
Always (100%) 2 5.9%
In what way would the patient be involved in the ethics intervention process?
The patient would be informed about the ethics support activity prior to the seating 18 60.0%
The patient would actually be asked how he/she would think about the ethical issue at hand, prior to the seating 14 46.7%
The patient wouls be asked for consent to discuss his/her case (without the patient actually attending the meeting) 11 36.7%
The patient would be invited to actually participate in the CESS activity 13 43.3%
The patient would be informed about the CESS activity afterwards 6 20.0%
Other 8 26.7%