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Table 3 Examples of participants’ responses to the question “Did you feel it beneficial, neutral or harmful to your health to take part in the Canadian Alliance for Healthy Hearts and Minds (CAHHM) and have the MRI scan?”

From: The impact of reporting magnetic resonance imaging incidental findings in the Canadian alliance for healthy hearts and minds cohort

Response to question Specific comments
Beneficial Assurance that there are no major health problems at this level
Beneficial At the psychological level, a personal security and a feeling of being able to help advance science
Beneficial I became aware of some of my lifestyle habits
Beneficial I feel reassured
Beneficial I realized I needed to lose some weight… which is very positive…
Beneficial Increased awareness of taking care of my mental and physical health
Beneficial Reassuring that there were no major problems
Beneficial MRI detected a thyroid problem that I can now treat and monitor
Beneficial A mass has been detected, fortunately this is of no consequence (at least for the moment)
Beneficial Possibility to have an MRI
Beneficial Finding out nothing is wrong healthwise
Beneficial It provides any medically significant finding so as to enable necessary follow-up
Beneficial You didn't call me back, so everything was fine!
Harmful I didn't like being in that machine too long on the inside.
Harmful I found out I'm claustrophobic
Harmful Stressful noise
Harmful Headaches and dizziness more often
Harmful How do you expect me to know? I haven't had any results from that magnetic resonance. I would have liked to have had more information on that test
Harmful The next year I was diagnosed with breast cancer
Harmful Harmful is not the right word, but there were consequences, as I was found to have a mass in the fourth ventricle of the brain which turned out to be an ependymoma and is under surveillance
Harmful Because the MRI result didn't reveal that I have cancer in the left lung until I had a CT Scan a few days after the MRI