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Table 1 Stakeholders for FGDs, follow up interviews and key informant interviews

From: Stakeholder views on the acceptability of human infection studies in Malawi

MethodStakeholder groupNumber of participants
Focus group discussionFrontline researcher staff (research nurses and fieldworkers)9 (2 FGDs, one with 4 and one with 5 participants) (9 females, 1 male)
Community Advisory Group (CAG) members (Blantyre urban)10 (5 females)
Chiefs (Blantyre rural)10 (4 females)
Religious leaders (Blantyre urban)10 (1 female)
Medical students10 (4 females)
Post-FGD follow-up interviews with a sample of FGD participantsFrontline researcher staff3 (All females)
CAG members3 (2 females)
Chiefs3 (2 females)
Religious leaders3 (1 female)
Medical students3 (1 female)
In-depth interviewResearch ethics committee (REC) members2
Senior clinicians2
District health management officials1
Total69 (33 females)