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Table 3 Required approvals to transfer data/samples abroad

From: Legal and ethical framework for global health information and biospecimen exchange - an international perspective

Ethical approval required
 Uncoded data/samplesyesyesa,byesyesayesyesfn.a.n.a.yesn.a.yesn.a.yes
 Coded data/samplesyesyesa,byesfyesayesyesfyesyesyesyesyesyesn.a
 Anonymized data/samplesyesenoyesnonoyesfyesyesnoyesnoyesno
Approval from national health authority required
 Uncoded data/
 Coded data/samplesnonocyesd,fyesanonofnonoyeseyesyesyesn.a
 Anonymized data/samplesnonocyesdyesanonofnononoyesyesyesno
  1. n.a “not applicable”, this type of data/samples is not transferrable or is not defined in the law
  2. aWhen transferred for specific research projects. Not for creating databases or biobanks
  3. bApproval is only required if the institution transferring the data/samples is involved in the project
  4. cUnless data/samples are transferred to a country without adequate protection
  5. dBiological samples and genetic data only
  6. eBiological samples only
  7. fDifferent terms from coded/anonymized are used to categorize subject’s privacy protection (see above)