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Table 2 Requirements for informed consent (IC) to transfer data/samples abroad

From: Legal and ethical framework for global health information and biospecimen exchange - an international perspective

IC required to transfer
 Uncoded data/samplesyesyesyesyesbyesyesd,en.a.n.a.yesbn.a.yesn.a.yes
 Coded data/samplesyesyesbyeseyesbyesyesd,eyesyesyesbyesyesyesbn.a.
 Anonymized data/samplesyesanocyesnonoyesd,eyesyesnonocnoyesbnoe
  1. n.a “not applicable”, this type of data/samples is not transferable or is not defined in the law
  2. aBiological samples only
  3. bWaiver of IC allowed under certain conditions
  4. cPatient has to be informed about the planned anonymization of biological samples and has the right to refuse
  5. dNot regulated for biological samples
  6. eDifferent terms from coded/anonymized are used to categorize subject’s privacy protection (see above)