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Table 2 Characteristics of surrogate decision making in this research

From: Grounds for surrogate decision-making in Japanese clinical practice: a qualitative survey

Sex of surrogate decision-maker Age of surrogate decision-maker Relationship with patient Interview duration (min) Sex of patient Age of patient Cohabiting (patient and surrogate decision-maker) Inpatient department Content of surrogate decision-making
Life-prolonging treatment Ventilator Artificial nutrition Place of treatment Dialysis
Female 30s Daughter-in-law 48 Male 70s No Cardiology
Female 40s Eldest daughter 50 Male 70s No Neurology      
Female 40s Daughter-in-law 40 Male 70s No Respiratory    
Male 60s Second son 50 Male 80s No Neurology    
Male 60s Eldest son 26 Female 90s No Internal medicine    
Female 40s Eldest daughter 40 Male 80s No NEUROLOGY     
Male 40s Eldest son 25 Male 60s No Cardiology     
Female 50s Daughter-in-law 45 Female 70s No Internal medicine     
Female 50s Second daughter 37 Male 80s No Internal medicine      
Female 40s Second daughter 34 Male 70s No Neurosurgery     
Female 50s Daughter in law 48 Female 70s YES Neurosurgery    
Female 60s Second daughter 37 Female 70s Yes Internal medicine  
Male 60s Eldest son 37 Female 80s Yes Internal medicine      
Male 50s Eldest son 54 Female 80s No Internal medicine