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Table 1 Guide for interviews with surrogate decision-makers

From: Grounds for surrogate decision-making in Japanese clinical practice: a qualitative survey

1 What was the specific content(s) of your surrogate decision-making?
2 In surrogate decision-making, were you aware of the fact that you were making decisions as the patient’s “surrogate”?
3 Do you think making surrogate decisions was difficult for you?
4 Do you think your surrogate decision-making went smoothly?
5 Do you think there was a disagreement between the surrogate decision-maker and medical personnel or among several surrogate decision-makers?
6 Did you receive sufficient information from medical personnel when you made surrogate decisions? Do you think you were able to have meaningful discussions with medical personnel?
7 What were the bases for judgment in your surrogate decision-making?
8 After having performed surrogate decision-making, do you think you made a good surrogate decision for the patient?
9 Do you have any regrets regarding surrogate decision-making?