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Table 1 PICOS

From: Evaluating assessment tools of the quality of clinical ethics consultations: a systematic scoping review from 1992 to 2019

PICOS Inclusion Exclusion
Population Stakeholders directly involved within the CECon process Stakeholders not directly involved within the CECon process
Intervention Formal assessments of prevailing CECon practice Description of CECon activities without any relation to assessment in any way.
Comparison Comparison of prevailing methods and domains of CECon assessment  
Outcome Outcome measures and challenges faced in assessing CECon practices, curricula and programs  
Study Design Articles formally assessing the quality of CECons as well as papers that discussed the assessment of the quality of CECons
Published between 1st January 1992 and 17th December 2019
Non-English articles without English translations. Opinion articles were excluded.