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Table 2 Proportion of students who agree/strongly agree with statements about conscientious objection (CO), by university type (N = 333)

From: Medical and midwifery students’ views on the use of conscientious objection in abortion care, following legal reform in Chile: a cross-sectional study

University type, %
Clinicians who conscientiously object should:
 Counsel patients with unwanted pregnancies on all their treatment options, including abortion927597*
 Refer patients eligible for a lawful abortion to a willing clinician917695*
 Be allowed to refuse to provide post-abortion care182517
I would use CO to avoid caring for a woman:
 who wanted an abortion, no matter what her reasons183812*
 who wanted a lawful abortion183912*
 with post-abortion complications6105
The following CO regulations should be implemented in Chile:
 Universities and other institutions should be able to register as COs275220*
 Mandatory public registration of COs676468
The following health professionals should be able to be COs:
 Nobody should be able to conscientiously object16320*
  1. * Differences between students attending religious and secular universities are statistically significant (p < .05)