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Table 2 Generated study themes

From: Ethical challenges regarding the use of stem cells: interviews with researchers from Saudi Arabia

Sources of stem cellPermitted resourcesAdult stem cells
Pluripotent stem cells
Umbilical cord blood
Aborted fetuses for therapeutic reasons
Spontaneously miscarried fetuses less than 120 days old
ForbiddenFetuses aborted for a non-therapeutic indication
Spontaneously miscarried fetuses more than 120 days old
Informed consentImportance of informed consent
Purpose of research should be mentioned
Withdrawal should be respected
Explanation is important and required
The IRB should review and approve the consent
BeneficenceAny use of stem cells should be beneficial
Potential benefits to others
Should use approved procedures
False hopes may lead to negative consequences
RegulationsFollowing the international regulations related to stem cell research
Consideration of Islamic Laws (Fatwas) and Beliefs
Lack of the local regulation
Lack of adequate knowledge in researchers, and their need for training