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Table 2 Forced-response survey questions

From: Ethical issues and practical barriers in internet-based suicide prevention research: a review and investigator survey

% (n)
% (n)
Have you experienced any problems obtaining ethical approval?47 (7)53 (8)
Have you experienced problems recruiting participants?53 (8)47 (7)
Did you feel your sample was/is representative of people who would use the intervention if freely available?40 (6)60 (9)
Did you feel the safety measures were adequate?80 (12)20 (3)
Did you feel the safety measures affected the validity of the project?73 (11)27 (4)
Have you encountered any adverse events or serious adverse events during the course of your research that were attributable to the intervention/s you were testing?0 (0)100 (15)
Did you take any steps to monitor/protect the mental health of the research team?80 (12)20 (3)