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Table 2 Legal framework and public funding for fertility preservation for cancer patients

From: Impact of legislation and public funding on oncofertility: a survey of Canadian, French and Moroccan pediatric hematologists/oncologists

 Legal frameworkPublic healthcare system
Legal recommendation to offer
Bioethics Law 2004 august 6 - Article L.2141–11
“For the subsequent realization of an Assisted Reproductive Technology, any person can benefit from the collection and preservation of his gametes or germinal tissue, when a medical treatment is likely to alter fertility or when fertility is likely to be prematurely altered.”
Coverage by healthcare system for treatments inducing a loss of fertility
Social Security Code - Article D322–1
“The list of conditions involving prolonged treatment and particularly expensive treatment that may give entitlement to withdrawal of the participation of the insured persons (...): malignant tumor, malignant disease of the lymphatic or hematopoietic tissue.”
No legal recommendation to offerNo funding by healthcare system, except in the province of Quebec, where theLaw 20 Division XII.2says:
“If rendered to a fertile insured person before any oncological chemotherapy treatment or radiotherapy treatment involving a serious risk of (…) permanent infertility, (…) the fertility preservation services listed below must be considered insured services (…):
(a) the services required for ovarian stimulation or ovulation induction;
(b) the services required to retrieve eggs or ovarian tissue; (…)”
No legal recommendation to offerNo funding by healthcare system