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Table 4 Dataset initiatives’ mechanisms related to control over research outputs

From: Donors, authors, and owners: how is genomic citizen science addressing interests in research outputs?

Locus of controlControl domainsInitiative(s)
Participant controlCo-authorshipGTL StudiesSpit for Science
MTHFR Study 
Patent inventorshipNone
Waiver of IP rightsGTL StudiesGenomeConnect (limited)
Waiver of commercialization rightsDNAsimpleSpit for Science
Personal Genome ProjectGenos
Altruist DatabaseDNA.Land
Genomes Unzipped 
Initiative controlPatent ownership23andMe
Disclaimer of patent rightsMyGene2
Disclaimer of profits from participant contributionsPersonal Genome ProjectGenomes Unzipped
Altruist DatabasePatient Insight Network (limited)
MyGene2DNAsimple (limited)