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Table 3 Dataset initiatives’ mechanisms related to access to research outputs

From: Donors, authors, and owners: how is genomic citizen science addressing interests in research outputs?

Access domainsInitiative(s)
Participant access to data or analysesGTL StudiesOpen Humans
Personal Genome ProjectopenSNP
Genomes in NeedGenomes Unzipped
Altruist DatabaseGenevieve
MTHFR StudyGET-Evidence
MyGene2Spit for Science (limited)
Participant access to findings and conclusionsPublicationsGTL Studies23andMe
Personal Genome ProjectSpit for Science
MTHFR StudyGET-Evidence
PostersSpit for ScienceGenomeConnect
OtherSpit for Science (presentations)23andMe (identification of articles reporting research that used personal data)
Open Humans (policy encouraging open access publication)