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Table 1 Participants’ socio-demographic data and the type of disease

From: Infringement of the right to surgical informed consent: negligent disclosure and its impact on patient trust in surgeons at public general hospitals – the voice of the patient

Pseudonym Age Range Disease Hospital Size Profession & status
Michael 30s cancer Spinal Large Software engineer; employed
Gershon 30s Neurological Large Engineer; self-employed
Danit 30s Limb injuries Medium Dancer; self-employed
Ella 30s Uterine Cancer Large Designer; self-employed
Anat 40s Breast cancer   Teacher; employed
Ron 50s Limb injuries Medium Architect; self-employed
Alona 60s Sternum cancer Large Consultant; self-employed
Itamar 50s Lung cancer Medium Photographer; employed
Joseph 70s Neurological Large Retired
Martin 70s Neurological Large Insurance agent; employed
Michelle 70s Uterus Cancer Large Psychotherapist; self- employed
Yonatan 80s Heart Large Retired