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Table 4 opinions of participants regarding the potential rights of sample donors and the return of research results (n = 259)

From: What Egyptians think. Knowledge, attitude, and opinions of Egyptian patients towards biobanking issues

Studied Variables N %
The donor has the right to receive a financial compensation for the donated sample
 Yes 64 24.7
 No 184 71.0
 I am not sure 11 4.3
The sample donated to the biobank is no longer the property of the donor after donation.
 Yes 130 50.2
 No 99 38.2
 I am not sure 30 11.6
The donor has the right to claim his own sample after donation to the biobank or to request to stop participating in the research study after donating his samples.
 Yes 68 26.3
 No 133 51.3
 I am not sure 58 22.4
The results of the scientific research on the samples should appear in the medical records of the donor.
 Yes 142 54.8
 No 49 18.9
 I am not sure 68 26.3
The researcher must contact the donor of the samples if the research shows that he/she is at risk of developing a certain disease
 Yes 240 92.7
 No 13 5.0
 I am not sure 6 2.3