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Table 1 The three views on non-identity in relation to Parfit’s thought experiments

From: Is the non-identity problem relevant to public health and policy? An online survey

View Depletion Two Medical Programmes
Person-affecting principle Choose depletion, since it will not harm anyone in future and it will drastically improve people’s lives now. Choose pregnancy testing, since pre-conception testing would not benefit any specific individuals.
Person-affecting priority Choose depletion, unless the long-term impact on quality of life impacts under depletion are great enough or the short-term benefits are too small. Choose pregnancy testing, unless pre-conception testing would be sufficiently more cost-effective.
No-difference Choose conservation, since it will lead to the greatest improvement in quality of life overall. It does not matter that it does not benefit specific individuals. The programmes are morally equivalent. If one would be more cost-effective than the other, choose that one.