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Table 1 The essential structure of law 219/2017

From: A review and analysis of new Italian law 219/2017: ‘provisions for informed consent and advance directives treatment’

Article Name Purpose
Article 1 Informed consent To establish clear rules on consent to and refusal of any medical treatment. To establish the form of informed consent. To establish the role of public and private healthcare facilities in the training of healthcare professionals in the field of relationships and communication with the patient.
Article 2 Pain therapy, prohibition of unreasonable obstinacy in treatment and dignity at the end of life To avoid non-beneficial treatments and disproportionate means in end-of-life care.
Article 3 Minors and incompetent patients To establish rules on the decision-making process in the case of minors and incompetent patients.
Article 4 Advance treatment directives To establish rules on the value of prior requests placed by patients before becoming incapable of expressing their will
Article 5 Shared care plans To improve the concept of the clinical relationship between patients and healthcare professionals
Articles 6–8 Administrative articles