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Table 4 Main categories and sub- categories. Nursing Officers

From: A qualitative study on the voluntariness of counselling and testing for HIV amongst antenatal clinic attendees: do women have a choice?

Category Sub-categories Illustrative quotes from respondents
The importance of non-directive counseling and adequate preparation Need to provide appropriate information and, supportive care.
The importance of listening to women and respecting their views in order to foster mutual trust
To be honest, there was a positive response: “We have never been prepared like this before. It is good to feel adequately prepared”. Hence adequate preparation does enhance acceptance rates [2].
A large percentage of mothers agree, although there are few who disagree, but not totally. Sometimes they will ask questions and then give the issue more thought [6].
PITC was seen as a good approach regardless of its ethical dilemmas Enhanced uptake of HIV test
Presence of clinical guideline
Truth telling
I see PITC is good because we get many women here [1].
We have books for guidance purposes [2]
The most difficult situation is when there is a couple a man and a woman, and when you get the results one is positive the other negative [4]