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Table 2 Criteria for inclusion and exclusion

From: Impact of moral case deliberation in healthcare settings: a literature review

1. Research papers in English, German or Dutch
2. Moral case deliberation, which we understand as:
  a. a shared professional deliberation or meeting between healthcare professionals (i.e., physicians, nurses and other (para)medic personnel)
   Exclusion: individual reflections instead of deliberation in a group, deliberation only between ethicists or in ethics committees, or deliberation specifically focused on parents or relatives
  b. about an ethical/moral dilemma or question
   Exclusion: strictly legal or medical technical deliberations, scientific studies or general deliberations about ethical dilemmas
  c. in a clinical setting (i.e., hospital or mental healthcare facility) concerning a specific case in the care of patients
   Exclusion: research and animal care; education or training, except for professionals working in education or training directly related to moral or ethical reflection in a clinical setting
3. Peer-reviewed studies
Exclusion: editorials and other texts that were not peer reviewed
4. Empirical studies with statements about the impact (i.e., effect, evaluation, importance, meaning, value, et cetera) of that (method of) deliberation