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Table 1 Search strategy in databases

From: Impact of moral case deliberation in healthcare settings: a literature review

Basic search strategy in all three databases
moral deliberation*OR moral case deliberation* OR ethical deliberation* OR ethical case deliberation* OR ethics deliberation* OR ethics case deliberation* OR ethical round* OR ethics round* OR ethical case discussion* OR moral case discussion* OR moral reflection* OR ethical reflection* OR ethics reflection* OR ethical decision making OR ethical case decision making OR ethical decisionmaking OR ethical case decisionmaking OR moral decision making OR moral case decision making OR moral decisionmaking OR moral case decisionmaking OR ethics meeting* OR ethics support OR clinical ethics support OR ethical support OR ethical reasoning OR ethical dialogue* OR ethical case review* OR ethical conversation* OR ethics conversation* OR moral conversation*
 OR ethics consultation [Mesh] (in PubMed)
 OR ethics consult* (in CINAHL and Web of Science)
Note: these terms were added with TIAB (PubMed), TI or AB (CINAHL) and TS (Web of Science).
AND-addition in PubMed and CINAHL (added with TIAB/TI/AB) AND-addition in Web of Science (added with TS)
theory OR practice* OR evaluat* OR method* OR contribut* OR evidence OR report* OR harvest OR outcome* OR impact OR effect* OR result* OR influence OR benefit OR significance OR use OR appreciation OR value* OR support OR goal* OR purpose* OR intention* OR motive* OR reason* OR meaning* OR relevance OR importance OR need* OR aim* OR learn* OR model* OR debate* OR technique*
Note: In PubMed and CINAHL the terms ‘result*’ and ‘method’ were added only with TI because these terms are commonly used in abstracts.
physician* OR doctor* OR nurse* OR healthcare personnel OR healthcare provider* OR healthcare professional* OR health personnel OR team* OR staff*
Note: Because of the number of articles found, the search in Web of Science was not narrowed down with terms relating to impact. The basis search was only expanded with terms relating to healthcare since this database is not specifically related to the field of healthcare (as are PubMed and CINAHL).
  1. The asterisk (*) was used to retrieve variations of the term that start with the same letters. The symbol represents any group of characters (including no character)