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Table 1 Participant characteristics and policy activities

From: The values and ethical commitments of doctors engaging in macroallocation: a qualitative and evaluative analysis

Sex (number of participants)
 Female (5)
 Male (15)
Age Range (number of participants)
  ≤ 45 (3)
 46–55 (4)
 56–64 (10)
 65–80 (3)
 Average age: 58
Country of undergraduate training (number of participants)
 Australia (16)
 Europe (3)
 Asia (1)
Clinical Specialtya,b (number of participants)
 Paediatrics (3)
 Endocrinology (1)
 Plastic Surgery (1)
 Rehabilitation (3)
 General Practice Academic (2)
 Rheumatology (1)
 Clinical Pharmacology (1)
 Gastroenterology (2)
 Intensive Care Medicine (2)
 Neurology (2)
 Cardiology (1)
 Radiation Oncology (1)
Policy engagement level and issue (number of participants)
 Multiple national governments or international bodies on public health programs (2)
 Australian government funding of healthcare research priorities (2)
 Australian government funding of high cost health care interventions (3)
 Australian government funding for priority healthcare programs (4)
 Australian government funding of participant’s specialty (2)
 NSW government funding of participant’s specialty (13)
 Local health administration funding of participant’s specialty (11)
 University priorities for health research and education program funding (4)
  1. aFor participants with multiple specialist qualifications, the specialty listed is the one on which the majority of their policy work was focussed
  2. bParticipants’ subspecialties are withheld in order to preserve confidentiality