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Table 2 List of domains and sample questions for the pre-meeting exercise

From: Standards of practice in empirical bioethics research: towards a consensus

Domain Example question/topic
Aims What are appropriate aims for EB research?
Questions What kinds of questions can and should EB research answer?
Research ethics What distinctive ethical considerations should be foregrounded in the conduct of empirical bioethics research?
Researcher characteristics/background What kinds of researchers ought (not) to be undertaking EB research?
Researcher training What kinds of trainings/skills/experience ought an EB researcher to have?
Nature of research team Can/should EB research be practiced by a research team or by an individual, or by either?
Methodology How precisely should social scientific and ethical inquiry be integrated in order to draw normative conclusions?
Methods What are legitimate methods to use in EB research?
Nature/scope of normative justification What level of justification/support/ explication of normative argument are required in EB research?
Conclusions What kinds of conclusions are appropriate for EB research?
Publishing How should methodological approaches and methods be documented in papers submitted for academic publication?