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Table 1 Delphi members

From: Standards of practice in empirical bioethics research: towards a consensus

Name (in alphabetical order) Country Disciplinary orientation
Bærøe, Kristine Norway Bioethics; Philosophy
De Vries, Martine Netherlands Bioethics; Medicine
Dunn, Michael (Chair) United Kingdom Bioethics; Social Science
Frith, Lucy United Kingdom Bioethics; Social Science; Philosophy
Huxtable, Richard United Kingdom Medical law; Bioethics
Ives, Jonathan (Chair) United Kingdom Bioethics; Philosophy; Social Science
Landeweer, Elleke Netherlands/Norway Bioethics; Philosophy; Social Science
Mertz, Marcel Germany Philosophy; Social Science; Bioethics
Molewijk, Bert (Chair) Netherlands/Norway Clinical ethics; Social Science
Provoost, Veerle Belgium Bioethics; Social Science; Methodology
Rid, Annette United Kingdom Medicine; Philosophy; Bioethics
Salloch, Sabine Germany Medicine; Philosophy; Bioethics
Schildmann, Jan (Chair) Germany Medicine; Philosophy; Bioethics
Sheehan, Mark United Kingdom Bioethics; Philosophy
Strech, Daniel Germany Bioethics; Health Policy Analysis; Meta-Research
Widdershoven, Guy Netherlands Bioethics; Philosophy; Social Science