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Table 1 Sources of literature and reasons for discarding search findings

From: A systematic review of the literature on ethical aspects of transitional care between child- and adult-orientated health services

Database Search timeframe 01.01.00 to Titles viewed Abstracts viewed Papers viewed Papers included Examples of what excluded publications considered
Project MUSE 07.03.16 132 8 1 0 Transition to adulthood; other types of transition such as marriage and cohabitation, child bearing, employment, school to employment, high school to college, immigration, political (democracy); other interfaces, e.g. between psychiatry, psychology and philosophy; and other types of transfer, e.g. transfer of technologies between countries
PubMed 20.03.16 175 6 3 130 The structure of CAMHS in a number of geographical locations; ethical aspects of psychiatric assessment of young people in immigrant detention; transition to end-of-life care; and the process of transition from child to adult healthcare in the context of ASD but without consideration of ethical issues
PsycINFO 20.03.16 70 4 1 0 Moral dilemmas in psychiatry (but not addressing transition), capacity to consent and the transition to end-of-life care
EMBASE 20.03.16 126 4 3 131 A narrative summary of the transition process within the context of chronic illness and a discussion of the ethical aspects of the treatment of chronic conditions which made no reference to the issue of transition
Web of Science 20.03.16 309 16 6 130 systematic reviews of the literature on transition that did not consider the ethical/legal aspects of transition, and articles which considered practical issues regarding transition but did not attend to the ethical/legal issues
CINAHL 20.03.16 55 2 2 0 supporting young people in transition, service design, and the treatment of young people with specific mental illnesses
Lexis Library 21.03.16 4668 6 0 0 records about transitions specific to youth justice and implications of mental and public health policy
Westlaw UK 27.03.16 1325 2 0 0 services specifically for offenders which did not focus on health
Google Scholar advanced search 04.04.16 53,281 28 15 0 Transition between child and adult (including mental health) services, which did not focus on ethical aspects
ProQuest advanced search 30.03.16 22,340 20 16 0 Processes related to and readiness for transition and ethical issues of transition, especially trust, but from hospital to specialist home care rather than child-adult services