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Table 2 Main issues emerging from the interviews

From: Compassionate use programs in Italy: ethical guidelines

Subjects interviewed Topic
Three components of the EC Increasing number of requests
Absence of exceptions to the procedure
Absence of good clinical practice
Safety tests and guarantee of efficacy often lacking
Not adhering to MD 2003
Specific case:
Multiple Bias of the study of the drug requested
Problem of patient information
Importance of an informed decision and the activation of PC
Simultaneous PC
Right to hope
Quality of life
Proposing physician Patient already self-informed
Patient in good general conditions
excellent evaluation of the PC intervention at the EC’s request
Palliative Care Specialist Simultaneous PC
Patient awareness, informed decision
Guarantee quality of life
Specific case:
Risk of misunderstanding of PC
No continuity of patient management before and after the interview regarding compassionate requesting