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Table 2 Synthesis of emerging screening criteria proposed over the past 40 years [25]

From: Screening for infectious diseases of asylum seekers upon arrival: the necessity of the moral principle of reciprocity

1. The screening programme should respond to a recognized need.  
2. The objectives of screening should be defined at the outset.  
3. There should be a defined target population.  
4. There should be scientific evidence of screening programme effectiveness.  
5. The programme should integrate education, testing, clinical services and programme management.  
6. There should be quality assurance, with mechanisms to minimize potential risks of screening.  
7. The programme should ensure informed choice, confidentiality and respect for autonomy.  
8. The programme should promote equity and access to screening for the entire target population.  
9. Programme evaluation should be planned from the outset.  
10. The overall benefits of screening should outweigh the harm.