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Table 3 Medical students responses to statements concerning the doctor-patient relationship (n = 140)

From: Must we remain blind to undergraduate medical ethics education in Africa? A cross-sectional study of Nigerian medical students

Perception statement Agree.
Not sure. No(%)
Patient’s wishes must be respected always 84(60) 41(29.3) 15(10.7)
Doctor should do his best irrespective of patient’s wishes 85(60.7) 37(26.4) 18(12.9)
Confidentiality is not important in medical practice 16(11.4) 119(85) 5(3.6)
Consent is only necessary for surgeries and not for medical procedures or laboratory tests 12(8.6) 126(90) 2(1.4)
Close relatives should always be told about the patient’s true medical condition or status 51(36.4) 59(42.1) 30(21.4)
Patients should always be informed by their doctor of every medical error 55(39.3) 58(41.4) 27(19.3)
Children should never be treated without the consent of their parents/guardians 60(42.9) 60(42.9) 20(14.3)
Patients refusing treatment on religious grounds should be referred elsewhere 80(57.1) 38(27.1) 22(15.7)
If patient wishes to die, doctors should assist to facilitate this 10(7.1) 113(80.7) 17(12.1)
Termination of pregnancy should be offered to any willing female who requests it 20(14.3) 104(74.3) 16(11.4)