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Table 1 The categories identified in the analysis

From: Collaborative partnership and the social value of clinical research: a qualitative secondary analysis

Subcategory Main category Requirement
Value-based collaboration with human subjects Collaboration by partners as a cornerstone of ethical clinical research Collaborative partnership
Multi-profession collaboration with the research site/organisation
Collaboration and commitment to common goals in multi-centre research
Collaboration that involves dialogue with an ethics committee
Patient organisations as an important element linking patients, health-care professionals, and researchers
Mutual collaboration between researchers and makers of health policy
Mutual respect and equality between partners Ways of fostering collaboration between partners
Fair benefits to the research site for participation
Active involvement of researchers, along with regular contact and joint meetings
Shared goals and clearly defined and recognised roles and responsibilities for the partners
A collaborative organisational culture
Generation of scientific knowledge Clinical research’s multidimensional but not fully recognised meaning Social value
Improvements in infrastructure
Well-trained and competent clinical staff and researchers
Value for the local economy
High-quality medical education and advancement of the scientific process
Methods for evaluating the impact and quality of medical treatment
The partly unrecognised meaning of clinical research
Shared responsibility to plan and execute socially valuable clinical research Ways to increase social value: shared responsibility
Greater transparency of clinical research
Responsible and transparent dissemination of research findings and implementation in clinical practice and health-related policymaking
Fairness in setting of future research priorities
Increased community awareness surrounding the ethics-linked aspects of clinical research