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Table 1 Classifications of ‘medical ethics’ according to the practical, consensus-based and the theoretically driven approach, respectively

From: On classifying the field of medical ethics

Practical, consensus-based approach to classification of ‘medical ethics’ Theoretically derived approach to classification of ‘medical ethics’
• Ethics in biomedical research
• Ethics in clinical practice
• Ethics in public health, medical law, and health policy
• Methodology in bioethics
• Studies in empirical/interdisciplinary medical ethics (descriptive reports on ethical issues and experiences as perceived by stakeholders)
• Context-dependent theoretical ethics (normative discussions of practical, empirical issues - informed, to a varying extent, by empirical data)
• Theory and analysis (theoretical work that justifies general ethical principles for medicine and health promotion or applies theory alone to the analysis of ethical issues)
• Epistemology and methodology in medical ethics (discussions of theoretical and empirical premises for establishing ethical knowledge and action (including conceptual analysis), and discussions of methodologies)