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Fig. 1

From: Measuring value sensitivity in medicine

Fig. 1

A situational description (vignette) is presented on the computer screen: after having read one vignette which disappears upon clicking the “next”-button, participants are provided with a list of value-related statements. They are asked to select those statements which they consider to be associated with the previously read situation. This task is designed to examine which values participants recognize in each vignette. Next, the vignette reappears together with all previously chosen statements and participants are asked to distribute points (i.e. allocate importance) to these same statements. This task is designed to assess the perceived importance of the selected value. Note: The formula denotes how value sensitivity is currently calculated: the mean of recognized values for each cluster (e.g. strategy-related values) is multiplied with the normalized number of points allocated to the corresponding value-cluster

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